In 2017, Shenzhen taught foreigners to learn Chinese and enjoy wonderful life

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  People in a hurry to depart at the road, a face gaunt to make a living working face. Think a few years ago, I was part of the big team. Now I'm so cozy, I can taste coffee and watch the morning paper.
           People in a hurry to depart at the road, a face gaunt to make a living working face. Think a few years ago, I was part of the big team. Now I'm so cozy, I can taste coffee and watch the morning paper.
          You must be curious. How can I enjoy life so easily and comfortably? All because I have a free, flexible and well paid job - teaching foreigners chinese. Everyone has a track of his own life. Once you get into the orbit, it's difficult to change, because change is a very difficult           and painful thing. So, most people just muddle along the cycle of have a day.
          Do not envy others have a very pleasant life, that is before others paid more efforts in exchange for. Of course, the opportunity is in front of everyone, not everyone can seize.
         When I learned that foreigners are learning Chinese, the market is very hot, and many foreigners are looking for Chinese teachers. I think my chance has come and I can teach foreigners chinese. So I searched online for teaching methods and knowledge about Chinese as a foreign language. Then I got a few foreigners to teach chinese. However, I find it difficult to teach and it is difficult for foreigners to learn.
         So, I find the culture Playright TCSOL Learning Center, learning and training. In the training education Playright I learned a lot of                    knowledge and methods of teaching Chinese as a foreign language, can also evaluate the real-time and teacher students, so I quickly made great progress.
         After the practice of teaching Chinese corner, I was able to accumulate a lot of teaching experience. When I have questions that cannot be answered, I can ask the teacher for help. The feeling is not a person in the fight a lone battle let me have, more confidence.
After I got the international Chinese teacher qualification certificate, the school recommended several foreign students for me to really                    engage in teaching Chinese as a foreign language. Now, I have taught many foreign students, and they all recognize my Chinese teaching very well. So they will introduce friends to come and learn Chinese with me, I don't have to go looking for students myself.

         Every day, I plan to teach foreigners Chinese 5 hours or so. The rest of the time is free, you can drink coffee and look at newspapers and magazines, listen to the news. To live is to have time to enjoy, and to do what you like.

         Nowadays, more and more countries are learning Chinese as a second language, and the Chinese language teachers are seriously in short supply. I would like to teach Chinese abroad, and I hope more people will join the foreign language industry to contribute to the                     promotion of chinese. What you gain will not only be a relaxed and comfortable life, but also a sense of accomplishment.



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