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y Chinese teacher all hope they can go to teach foreigners to learn Chinese, seemingly as long as you are a Chinese teacher can teach, in fact, these seemingly high foreign language teacher, in fact, is the need to have a higher teaching quality
  Many Chinese teacher all hope they can go to teach foreigners to learn Chinese, seemingly as long as you are a Chinese teacher can teach, in fact, these seemingly high foreign language teacher, in fact, is the need to have a higher teaching quality. It can be said that teach foreigners to learn Chinese, absolutely not Chinese transmission and Chinese guidance only, this integration requires a certain text of basic skills and basic skills training, this is a very complicated process, need professional training also needs to enrich the classroom teaching experience to complete.

Because of the need to teach foreigners to learn Chinese teacher training is not only the pronunciation, grammar, usage, and Chinese characters understanding, is not only Chinese knowledge, knowledge is needed to do, the theory and practice of one side, comprehensive use. Because the teacher may face the students of different nationalities, the foreigner also may come from different countries, with different knowledge structure, have different qualities, and even foreigners to understand the problem of force will be different. Teachers who teach foreigners to learn Chinese face different modes of thinking and different language structures. Students of different literacy need specific analysis of the situation, that is, the ancients say, teach students in accordance with their aptitude. But teachers who teach foreigners to learn Chinese must have excellent language communication skills.

Only when we understand these can we truly understand the students' study thinking and thought system, and also achieve effective communication. Can be said that effective communication with foreigners, foreigners can make clear teaching focus, to teach foreigners to learn Chinese teachers, teachers should be clear, knowledge is good, can be said that different students will encounter different teaching methods and relevant answers, so if the teacher's knowledge will be enough to learn Chinese language teaching problems the concept of standard pronunciation, Chinese characters is the teacher must have the quality after all, only good pronunciation can give foreigners to sense of trust. Therefore, teaching foreigners to learn Chinese is the control of teaching strategies and psychology, and it is a test of the teaching contents and the storage of teachers' knowledge
Is the effective measure of teachers' basic skills, of course, we do not deny that the basic work is not only these, can also involve teaching measure and use of psychological knowledge, text writing on the blackboard, and can be said to qualified teachers, there must be multiple quality and rich teaching experience of teachers. After all, in actual teaching, teachers need to use evolution, the Chinese characters Chinese characters, language specific environment and changes in history, folklore, and life on the structure Chinese characters have to understand, only this one side, to make accurate application of knowledge in teaching, let foreigners deep comprehension and text charm, Chinese, willing to love understand Chinese.
Since its inception, and uphold the strict and normative Playright science training system, convergence of Chinese as a foreign language teacher training experts and professors and industry resources, developed a unique system of teaching Chinese as a foreign language. Playright training school attracted a large number of foreign Chinese learners and foreign enterprises Chinese training needs, also attracted a large number of international Chinese teaching as a foreign language enthusiasts to join the ranks of the global promotion of chinese. Pei Playright was hailed as the students of Shenzhen Chinese industry "Whampoa  military academy". In 2016 Chinese culture PLAYRIGHT college honored Hanban - Confucius Institute Headquarters awarded the national HSK test qualification.
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