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Are you searching for a quality HSK test preparation course in China? One of the top Chinese language schools in China, Mandarin Garden provides intensive HSK preparation at our language school in the center of shenzhen
Are you searching for a quality HSK test preparation course in China? One of the top Chinese language schools in China, Mandarin Garden provides intensive HSK preparation at our language school in the center of shenzhen. Available year-round, we prepare you to achieve a high score on the HSK test through private Chinese lessons, which we believe is the fastest and most effective way to learn.
HSK Test Preparation Program:

China's Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi, known as HSK or the Chinese Proficiency Test is a standardized test at the state level designed and developed by the HSK Center of Beijing Language and Culture University to assess the Chinese proficiency of non-native speakers (foreigners, overseas Chinese and students of Chinese national minorities).

HSK Certificates are used:
- as a basis for the employers to evaluate the Chinese proficiency of the job applicants. 
- to certify that the holder has acquired the required Chinese Proficiency to enter a college or university as an undergraduate or graduate student.
- to certify that the holder can be exempt from taking the Chinese language course depending on the level of certification.

Our HSK preparation programs are available year-round and you can start anytime. You will have 6 hours of intensive Mandarin per day taught by excellent teachers who will help you to learn Chinese and master the HSK test as quickly as possible. Previous Mandarin Garden students who took the HSK preparation course all received excellent scores during the exam.
All the teachers in the HSK research team are carefully-selected and are highly-experienced in helping students with the HSK preparation. You will learn the latest and the most useful testing techniques created by the HSK researchers. You will have a personal study plan created for you, and your progress will be tracked to ensure that you get the most value for the time you spend at 培智乐学. We use a range of test preparation materials to strengthen your testing skills. Your test scores will improve significantly! 
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