How to learn Chinese in a fun and captivating way?

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Language is the carrier of culture, is also an important part of culture. Learning a language, must also learn the language carries culture. But most people have no idea how to learn Chinese is better. I think the best way to study mandarin is to come to China, in the visit of China experience the wonders of Chinese language and culture.

Language is the carrier of culture, is also an important part of culture. Learning a language, must also learn the language carries culture. But most people have no idea how to learn Chinese is better. I think the best way to study mandarin is to come to China, in the visit of China experience the wonders of Chinese language and culture.

Tour study program
培智乐学" Chinese culture experience" Tour study program is a combination of tourist program and Chinese language and culture courses. Students have closer observation in Chinese society and Chinese daily life. Study Chinese in real Chinese culture and 24 hours totally Chinese immersion environment. You will travel to Shanghai, and enjoy their beautiful scenery.
Here you can learn a lot simpler life contents, such as eating, clothing, or the topic of entertainment. At the same time can also communicate with peers about their familiar things, such as talking about something about their own country, or more famous cultural landscapes and historical figures of the story. 
Course Advantages:
培智乐学 "Study Abroad and Travel Program" is a nationwide Chinese tour study program.
All international students who sign up at  培智乐学 can benefit from this nationwide Chinese study. 
No matter learning anything, in a happy joyful atmosphere, always have the highest efficiency, and learning Chinese is more to attach importance to it. The brain in the case of a happy learning can maintain long-term interest and motivation, more focused and can improve memory, and memory is one of the most important for language learning. 

Are you looking for how to let your child to learn Chinese in a fun and captivating way? Children and parents love our Tour study program!

Children have an amazing aptitude for learning a second language and it’s even easier when they are having fun. Since 2004, we’ve been recognised as China’s leading Mandarin Chinese immersion-based educators.Our interactive and encouraging teaching methods inspire a lifelong love of the Chinese language and Chinese culture.
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