The benefits of tour study in Chinese learning

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China's heritage is in addition to the Chinese culture, Chinese language also has been spread so far. Chinese began to gradually popular trend in the world, more and more people come to China’s central city - Shanghai, started the way of Chinese learning in shenzhen.

China's heritage is in addition to the Chinese culture, Chinese language also has been spread so far. Chinese began to gradually popular trend in the world, more and more people come to China’s central city - Shanghai, started the way of Chinese learning in shenzhen.

Tour study program
培智乐学"Chinese culture experience" Tour study program is a combination of tourist program and Chinese language and culture courses. Students have closer observation in Chinese society and Chinese daily life. Study Chinese in real Chinese culture and 24 hours totally Chinese immersion environment. You will travel to Shanghai, and enjoy their beautiful scenery.
Chinese learning is not only on language learning, more important is to be able to more in-depth understanding of Chinese and know China. The start of the study will have a lot of difficulties, but teachers teach attentively, help them quickly understanding and learning.
Program characteristic:
1.China life experience, experience China pluralistic culture, long history China feeling, help students to develop the field of vision.
2.Tour of Shanghai places of historic interest and scenic beauty, appreciate the beautiful natural scenery, the growth of knowledge and experience;

3.Interested in studying and living in China in the future, for the future of the China journey into the preparation stage ahead of time.

In Europe, many countries’ children begin to contact Chinese and learn Chinese, and Chinese culture is extensive and profound. Shanghai Chinese learning need good environment and good teacher qualifications. Many foreign friends chose 培智乐学, because here can feel another China.
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